Race Autopsy: London Indoor Games

This season my coach and I decided we’d keep to the same indoor race schedule that worked so well last year and so for the second year running I turned up to Lea Valley in North London on Saturday for my second competitive outing of the indoor campaign. This meet boasted a stronger field than the previous week, with many of the UK top 10 set to lock horns over 2 rounds of the 60m Hurdles and the result didn’t disappoint. The first race however was one to forget for me, every so often a sprinter finds themselves affected by a temporary but extremely disabling condition called ‘asleep in the blocks’ and this it appeared was my turn. As the gun went “BANG” I failed to react straight away and found myself left in the starting blocks by my competitors, likened to being the contender on Gladiators (TV programme) who had to start on John Anderson’s “second whistle” – less than ideal in a sprint race! I managed to make up some ground, enough to finish a credible 3rd place in 7.91s, but with the 60m Hurdles being such a short race if you don’t get a decent start it’s more or less ‘Game Over’. The race was won in a UK leading 7.66s, so this was a missed opportunity to be pushed to an equally fast if not faster time. However after an hour to regroup it was time for the second round, making amends I got a decent start and was the first to touch down off the first and second hurdle. From there onwards a couple of errors caused me to crash the remaining three barriers, as I was passed by the eventual winner, nonetheless I finished 2nd in 7.81s a new Personal Best time.

In other news this week, I received a call-up to represent England in an international fixture next week in Vienna, Austria. This should be a good opportunity to test myself against some of Europe’s best – plus good authority tells me Vienna coffee houses are the truth, so it’s only right that I duly verify this whilst representing my country! We fly out on Monday and race on Tuesday evening, wish me luck!

~ Julz ~


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One Response to Race Autopsy: London Indoor Games

  1. cillian brugha says:

    Good luck in Austria mate! That’s great news on the selection.

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