It Never Rains…

I’ll be the first to say, it’s much easier to blog and share news when things are going well, but I have to admit at the moment ‘Lady Luck’ doesn’t appear to have my name in her good books. Where to start… so I’m currently sat on a train on the way back from Manchester Airport, with my heavily bandaged right leg elevated on the seat opposite, wincing every time my t-shirt & trousers take turns in rubbing against the fresh grazes and wounds that decorate my body… Not exactly the glorious description I had hoped to detail, following my first competition of the season on the European Circuit. I’ll save you the gory details, but yesterday’s race saw me fall hard at the first hurdle (I can assure you no pun is indented here) leaving me with a right knee now the size of a large pineapple and a heavily bruised ego, amongst other scrapes. Other than a wasted opportunity to stalk down the Olympic A qualification time, after an almost equally disastrous run during the heats earlier on that evening, yesterday’s tumble in the final (the first time I’ve ever fallen in a race) is the fourth consecutive race of my Outdoor season so far to be marred by incident, misfortune or mistake. Admittedly such a terrible start to a season is a new and unusual experience for me, a test of character perhaps (?); either way it’s a stark contrast to previous seasons and my Indoor season only a few months ago, where my first four races of the season brought four new Personal Best times.

Such is all the more frustrating as training sessions prior and in-between recent competitions have been going from strength to strength, with my touchdown times and time-trial runs indicating that, times my friend were about to tumble! After careful analysis with my coaches, indifferent to recent results I think I have actually brought my form in training to the various start lines with me; but an over-eagerness to translate training times into race performances is at least partly to blame for these uncharacteristic results. Put simply, I’ve been trying too hard, instead of being patient and just letting everything flow as I did during the Indoor season. And we all know what happens when you try too hard in the hurdles, to give it its Latin term or binomial nomenclature: ‘CRASH, BANG, WALLOP’!!!

Now they say hindsight is a wonderful thing. Why? I do not know. Personally I find it arrogant with its delayed intuition and “I told you so/You should have known” wisdom. Well cheers for the memo hindsight, as with my knee now a spitting image of a purple bowling ball I won’t be afforded the opportunity to make amends at the Loughborough International this weekend. What’s more, with the Olympic trials just 5 weeks away and the European Championships selection date only 4 weeks away timing of this accident could not be worse. Going forward, I have an MRI scan (“to add bankruptcy to injury”) on Monday and I’m just praying my run of bad luck has come to an end and that fingers crossed it’s nothing too serious…! In the meantime I’ve just got to stay positive and keep believing.

Please keep me in your prayers,



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