Lift Off!

Relief. Joy. Satisfaction. Excitement… All sensations that overwhelmed me as I ran through the line recently to finish and win my first 110m Hurdles race since last year’s accident *cue victory dance*! Spookily, nearly 12 months to the day of the fateful tumble that put to rest my London 2012 Olympic quest. The time, amidst stormy conditions, was nothing to write home about; but the achievement itself… I rank amongst my greatest.

It’s been brilliant to get back to doing what I love. Training is a necessary evil but competing is an absolute pleasure, and when it’s denied from you for such a long period of time you certainly learn to appreciate it more.

Even more encouraging, I followed this up just a few days ago with a podium performance at the Bedford International Games, my second race of the season. After a modest run in the heats, I recorded 13.95s in the final, finishing 2nd, and in the process posting the 6th fastest time in the U.K. this year, a promising start to the season.

Having started now running nearer to my top speed, it has however highlighted that there is still some strengthening left for me to do around the injury site to my knee, preferably before I compete again. So I’ve recently teamed up with renowned athletics physician, Dr. John Allen, who is assisting me in making sure my knee is at full strength as my speed increases.

Supporting me to do so is my newest sponsor, Amala Partners! A fantastic team of people, to whom I’m especially grateful for the foresight and belief in me they’ve shown in me, especially given my misfortune last year. Amala will be partnering with me along this Olympic quest and their faith in my ability – along with everybody who reads and supports this BLOG – spurs me on further to chase the dream even harder, and keep going in spite of the bumps in the road.



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